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GD-4052 Digital Liquid Density Meter Brand Gold

GD-4052 Digital Liquid Density Meter Brand Gold

Update Terakhir 20 / 07 / 2021
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Detail GD-4052 Digital Liquid Density Meter Brand Gold

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GD-4052 Digital Liquid Density Meter


GD-4052 Liquid Density Meter is in line with the standards GB/T29617, SH/T0604, ASTM D4052. The density of the liquid is measured according to the principle of the double oscillating U-tube method, which changes the method of measuring the liquid density by the conventional glass densitometer, making the liquid density measurement more accurate, rapid and economical.

The Liquid Density Meter can be widely used in the measurement of various liquid densities in various fields such as petrochemical industry.


1. Automatic injection, easy to operate.

2. The amount of sample consumed is only 2 ml each time, micro detection.

3. The measurement is fast and generally results in 3 minutes.

4. Double bile constant temperature, the temperature of the constant temperature bath is stable and accurate, and the temperature control accuracy reaches ±0.1℃.

5. The pipeline in direct contact with the liquid is an inlet pipe, which is resistant to acid and alkali solutions.

6. Report the density and temperature values of the liquid directly.

7. With its own calibration function, the instrument can be calibrated with pure water as a standard solution.


1. Measuring range: 0~1.9999g/cm³, accuracy is ±0.001g/cm³

2. Sample dosage: 2ml / time(automatic sampling)

3. Ambient temperature: 5 ~ 40℃

4. Constant temperature control: 20±0.1℃

5. Data storage: 80 groups

6. Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz±10

7. Power: ≤40W