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GD-387 Sulfur Content Tester Brand Gold

GD-387 Sulfur Content Tester Brand Gold

Update Terakhir 21 / 07 / 2021
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Detail GD-387 Sulfur Content Tester Brand Gold

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GD-387 Sulfur Content Tester

Our sulfur content tester is designed and made as per national standard of People's Republic of China GB/T387 Standard Test Method for Sulfur Content of Dark Petroleum Products (Quartz Tube Method). It is used to determine the sulfur content in dark petroleum products which the sulfur content being more than 0.1% (m/m).

1. This instrument is composed of tubular oven, temperature controller, flow meter and display unit.
2. It adopts single chip micr℃omputer to control the system. The detection time, oven movement and timing alert are all controlled automatically.
3. After setting the moving mode for oven according to test method, the oven will move, stop and return to initial condition automatically.
4. It can determine two samples at a time. High efficiency and reliable results.
5. It equips inner gas supplier and outer gas connector. Operator can select inner or outer gas supply.


Power supply AC 20V±10%, 50Hz; Power consumption is lower than 1000W
Oven type and quantity Horizontal type; parallel double tubular oven
Chamber diameter of oven Φ22mm
Heating power 800 W
Max temperature of oven 950℃
Movement distance of oven ≥135 mm
Air flow rate ≥(2*500)ml /min
Overall dimension 800㎜*400㎜*490㎜