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GD-3554 Petroleum Wax Oil Content Tester Brand Gold

GD-3554 Petroleum Wax Oil Content Tester Brand Gold

Update Terakhir 21 / 07 / 2021
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Detail GD-3554 Petroleum Wax Oil Content Tester Brand Gold

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GD-3554 Petroleum Wax Oil Content Tester

Oil Content Tester is designed and made as per national standard of People’s Republic of China GB/T3554 Standard Test Method for Oil Content in Petroleum Wax. It is suitable to determine the oil content in petroleum wax, the congealing point of which is higher than 30 ℃ and the oil content of which is not more than 15%.
The method is expressed as follows: Solve sample in the methyl ethyl ketone and cool it to -32 ℃ to separate wax out. Filter it and evaporate methyl ethyl ketone in the filtering liquid. Weigh the residue and calculate the oil content in the wax.

1. Independent cooling unit with 4 baths. Can do determination for 2 samples by group.
2. The wax melting bath and evaporator are designed as a unibody. The lower part is wax melting bath. Temperature in bath can be controlled and adjustable. The upper part is air bath evaporator. The evaporation temperature is 35 ℃±1 ℃.
3. Digital temperature controller. The temperature control is accurate.
4. The flow rate from evaporator to sample can be detected by glass rotator flowmeter. It can precisely control the flow rate as per requirements of standard. The flowing time can be setted at will within 60min.
5. Desktop structure and newly design. Reasonable structure and easy to use.


Power supply AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz
Temperature control of wax melting bath room temperature~90 ℃±5 ℃
Temperature control of cooling bath -35 ℃±1 ℃
Evaporation temperature 35 ℃±1 ℃
Flowing rate of blowing air (Total flowing rate of 4 nozzles) 8~12 L/min
Timing range 0~60 min