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GD-320N Low Price m Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AAS Analyzer

GD-320N Low Price m Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AAS Analyzer

Update Terakhir 21 / 07 / 2021
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Detail GD-320N Low Price M Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AAS Analyzer

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GD-320N Low Price m Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AAS Analyzer


Working spectral range 190-900nm
Wavelength accuracy ≤ ±0.5nm
Wavelength repeatability ≤ 0.3nm (single direction)
Spectrum bandwidth 0.2nm, 0.4nm, 0.7nm, 1.4nm, 2.4nm, 5.0nm
Resolution <40%
Base line stability ±0.004Abs/30min
Characteristic concentration of copper ≤ 0.04mg/ml/1%
Detection limit of copper ≤0.008mg/ml
Background calibration ability Greater than 30 times
Standby Interface RS 232
Instrument power supply 220V, 3A, 50Hz


Build-in computer data processing and LCD
Good basic line stability
High precision of measurement
Optical path of high energy
Long-life and anti-corrosive atomization system
Multi-functional analysis mode
Safe and reliable gas path system

Complete set of accessories:

Light-source system
Hollow cathode lamp power supply: with adjustable current Deuterium Lamp power supply: with fixed current

Optical system
Double beam total refection system, C-T type monochromator Flashing wavelength: 250nm

Flame atomization system
Inter-changeable titanium alloy burner of 10cm and 5cm slits. Gas path is equipped with pressure indication, high precision voltage stabilizing flow adjustment, fast conversion of air and nitrous oxide, gas supply cut off, power cut off, prevention of flashback and logic interlock protection devices.
Signal processing
Absorptance, concentration, emission and emission concentration; Standard curves: linear regression, curve fitting and multi-point standard calibration. Average value, standard deviation, relative standard deviation and correlation coefficient can be worked out. Standard curves, atomic absorption peak diagram, spectrum outline sketch, data as well as instrument parameters list and analytical reports can be displayed and printed out.


Air compressor;
One piece of Cu hollow cathode lamp;
Gas external pipe;
Acetylene cylinder pressure-reducing valve;
Water knockout gas filter;

Optional Accessories:

GA3202 HGA graphite furnace system
Used to conduct trace and ultra-trace analysis with an absolute sensitivity of 10-10-10-12gram.
5cm long-life titanium burner
The necessary accessory for nitrous oxide-acetylene flame analysis.
Hydride generator (Totally automatic)
Making the characteristic concentration of As, Se, Sb, Bi, Pb, Sn, Te, Ge, In, Tl, Cd and Zn lower than ppb level with cold atomic mercury measurement method.
Hollow cathode lamp
All specifications are available.
Graphite tube
All specifications are available.
Software with I/O port