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GD-264B Automatic Total Acid Number Tester Brand Gold

GD-264B Automatic Total Acid Number Tester Brand Gold

Update Terakhir 22 / 07 / 2021
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Detail GD-264B Automatic Total Acid Number Tester Brand Gold

alat laboratorium lingkungan / petroleum testing

GD-264B Automatic Total Acid Number Tester


Our automatic total acid number tester uses potentiometric titration principle. Recording the titration of the electrode potential and the titration volume, find out the equivalence point and corresponding titrant volume, and thus obtained the sample pH value. This instrument can accurately detect the acid value of transformer oil, turbine oil, anti oil, diesel, gasoline and other petroleum products;Widely used in chemical industry, electric power, oil and other industries, it's the ideal products to current meter acid number of petroleum products. Standard:GB/T264 Determination of acid number, GB7599-87 Determination of acid number in transformer and turbine oils in service(BTB), GB/T7304-2000, GB/T 18609-2001, ASTM D664-2011.


1. Windows operating platform, Users can dialogue with the computer directly. It’s easy to operate. Has a workstation features.

2. Titration curve real-time display, the titration curve and data storage and printing.

3. Imported titration unit.Measuring accuracy better stability.

4. Automatic cleaning, automatic constant liquid.

5. Automatic detection of end points, Automatic filtering false end, At the same time can determine the endpoint of artificial selection.

6. With continued dosing function.


Acid number measuring range ≥0.05 mgKOH/g
Potentiometric measurement (0~1800.0)mV
Capacity of burette 10mL
Minimum titration volume 0.02mL
Precision of burette ±0.1%F•S
Precision of instrument Meet relevant standard test methods
Power supply AC(220±11)V ,50±1Hz
Ambient temperature 5℃~35℃
Relative humidity ≤80%
Dimension 350*280*178mm(PC is not included)
Net weight 14Kg(PC is not included)