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GD-0850 Asphalt Mixture Plate Cutting Machine Brand Gold

GD-0850 Asphalt Mixture Plate Cutting Machine Brand Gold

Update Terakhir 16 / 10 / 2021
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Detail GD-0850 Asphalt Mixture Plate Cutting Machine Brand Gold

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GD-0850 Asphalt Mixture Plate Cutting Machine


GD-0850 Asphalt Mixture Plate Cutting Machine is a new designed professional model to cut the cylinder module,Which is used in T0715-2011 Asphalt Mixture Bending Test,T0718-2011 Asphalt Mixture Shearing Strength Test,T0738-2011 Asphalt Mixture Uniaxial Compression Dynamic Modulus Test etc. to cut out the specimen in accordance with the requirements.

I.Main technical characteristics

1.The instrument realizes cutting through the combination of high-speed rotary motion of saw blade and linear motion of feeding component. The instrument consists of a high rigid steel frame to ensure cutting accuracy and surface quality.

2. The instrument absorbs the advanced technology of foreign cutting machine. The cutting surface is smooth and flat, the size accuracy is high, the operation is simple, and the parallel double-sided specimen can be cut automatically in one clamping.

3. The rotation speed and feed speed of the saw blade are adjustable.

4. The instrument adopts a fully sealed protective cover with low noise, safety in ensured. A protective cover control device is installed to automatically detect whether the protective cover is closed before starting work.

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5. Three-layer filtration is adopted when the cooling water is discharged.

II.Main technical parameters

1. Power supply: AC(380±7%)V, 50Hz

2. Cutting power: 4000W

3. Motor waterproof grade: IP56
4.Saw blade revolution rate: 3000r/min

5.Blade diameter: Ø470mm
6.Cutting specimen: cuboid thickness 25mm to 150mm,cylinder diameter Ø 100mm(standard),cylinder diameter Ø 150mm(Optional clamping apparatus)
7. Total power consumption: 5000W

8. Working environment: Temperature:15℃~35℃, Relative humidity≤85%

9. Overall dimension: cutting unit 1800mm×1600mm×2100mm,control cabinet
10. Net Weight: 400kg