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GD-0702A Marshall Electrical Compaction Apparatus Brand Gold

GD-0702A Marshall Electrical Compaction Apparatus Brand Gold

Update Terakhir 16 / 10 / 2021
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Detail GD-0702A Marshall Electrical Compaction Apparatus Brand Gold

Testing Instrument

GD-0702A Marshall Electrical Compaction Apparatus


The marshall compaction apparatus is designed and made as per the requirements of T0702-2011 Test Method for Asphalt Mixture Specimen Preparation (Compaction Method) in the JTG E20-2011 "Test Procedure for Asphalt and Asphalt Mixtures of Highway Engineering".

This instrument is a standard compaction instrument, which is suitable for the molding of cylindrical specimens of Φ101.6mm * 63.5mm (0702 type) or Φ152.4mm * 95.3mm (0702A type) used in standard Marshall tests, indirect tensile tests (claw method), etc.


1. The marshall compaction apparatus is a floor structure consisting of mechanical hammering and electrical control box. The mechanical hammering transmission mechanism is driven by motor,

reducer and chain. Type 0702 can be used for 101.6mm test, and 0702A can be used for 152.4mm test.

2. The electrical circuit control box adopts the single-chip microprocessor technology, and the control panel is composed of a color LCD screen. The design is advanced and the operation is


3. The number of hits and stop delays can be preset via the electrical control box. The number of hits can be arbitrarily selected and set in the range of (0 to 999). The instrument can be automatically compacted according to the pre-set number of shots, automatically stop, automatically cut off the power supply, and shut off the motor, and it can be ensured to stop at the position where

the lifter is convenient for loading and unloading.

4. The design of humanized manual lifting hammer function makes the lifting hammer easy to operate, convenient and safe, and brings convenience to operators.

5. Adopts the mechanism of pressure ring fixed type mold to solve the problem of trial mould fixing, make the trial mould not easy to move, more stable and reduce experimental errors.

6. With safety lever, when the test mode is being loaded or withdraw, the compacting head can not be dropped.


1. Heavy hammer : 4536g+9kg (0702 type) or 10210g±10g (0702A type)

2. The drop of heavy hammer: 457.2mm+1.5mm

3. Test mode : suitable to Φ101.6mm(0702) or 152.4mm (0702A)

4. Compaction rate : (60+5)time /min

5. Compaction times : (0~999)times

6. Wood compaction seat : 457mm*200mm*200mm

7. Cement concrete seat : 120mm*460mm*480mm

8. Power supply : AC 220V+10% ,50Hz

9. The power of the electric motor : 370w

10. Dimension : 540mm*540mm*1790mm

Control cabinet: 400mm(Front)*330mm*700mm

11. Total weight: about 180kg

Optional Accessory:

1. Specimen special demoulding device

2. Bituminous mixtures blender: GD-F02-20 automatic mixture blender (recommend)