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GD-0624 Asphalt Tenacity Tester Brand Gold

GD-0624 Asphalt Tenacity Tester Brand Gold

Update Terakhir 16 / 10 / 2021
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Detail GD-0624 Asphalt Tenacity Tester Brand Gold

Testing Instrument

GD-0624 Asphalt Tenacity Tester

1. The Asphalt Tenacity Tester is designed and made as per T0624-2011 “Test of Asphalt Tenacity” in the Industry Standard of People’s Republic of China JTG E20-2011 Standard Test Methods for Bitumen and Bituminous Mixtures for Highway Engineering.
2. It is also used to design as per Petr℃hemical Industry Standard SH/T 0735-2003“Test Method for Asphalt Tenacity”. It is suitable to determine the tenacity under specified conditions and evaluate the effect of asphalt adding modification agent.

Main technical characteristics:
1. The Asphalt Tenacity Tester adopts the requirements of traffic industry and chemical industry .It can choose 300mm or 610mm stretch elongation. The tensile testing machine adopts double wire rod design. Stable and reliable operation, it also has high measuring precision.
2. The test software that we designed can draw load changing curve, calculate the tenacity and toughness automatically and print test report.
3. The instrument test and test results calculation can be finished by the computer. It is convenient to use.
4. The design of the control panel is simple, it can be easy to operate and finish the determination by the uplink key, down key and the stop key. The test results calculation can be finished by the computer automatically.
5. It is equipped with A4 printer, so it can automatically draw and print out load-deformation curve, and tenacity of asphalt.
6. The instrument adopts advanced design, making fastidious, beautiful appearance and simple operation. It also has noble character for high grade instrument. It is ideal choice of relevant construction, supervision, scientific research institutes and colleges.
7. The best characteristic: it can operate and control the whole pr℃edure by computer. And it can realize the test automatically for the tenacity of asphalt.

Main technical parameters:

Drag speed (500mm+10mm)/min
Max drag force 1000N
Dragging force un-linear error <0.5%
Dragging force sampling interval 0.5mm
Max dragging length 610mm
Power supply AC220V+10%,50Hz
Maximum power consumption ≤500W
Dimension 520mm*400mm*1220mm