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GD-0165A Vacuum Distillation Apparatus

GD-0165A Vacuum Distillation Apparatus

Update Terakhir 12 / 09 / 2021
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Detail GD-0165A Vacuum Distillation Apparatus

Testing Instrument

GD-0165A Vacuum Distillation Apparatus

Our vacuum distillation apparatus is designed and made as per industrial standard SH/T 0165-92 Standard Test Method for Distillation Characteristics of Petroleum Products with High Boiling Point Range by Vacuum Process. It is suitable to determine the distillation characteristics of wax oil, lubricating oils and other petroleum products with high boiling point range.

1. This vacuum distillation apparatus adopts high accuracy pressure sensor and digital pressure gauge. The design is reasonable and technology is advanced. It can meet requirements of standard SH/T 0165-92.
2. The power of the heating furnace can be adjusted continuously. It equips a cooling device to make the heating furnace cooled down rapidly after determination. It is convenient for next test.
3. The vacuum pump has good effect and rapid vacuum time. The max residual pressure is 2mmHg.


Power supply AC (220±10%) V, 50Hz
Heating power Heater for distillation flask:1000W,Heater for receiver:350W
Heating furnace of distillation flask (0~1000)W, adjustable
Temperature control point of air bath of receiver Ambient to 100℃, adjustable
Temperature sensor of air bath Pt100, RTD
Temperature control mode Digital temperature controller
Temperature control precision Set temp.±1℃
Capacity of buffer vessel 1000ml
Max. residual pressure 2mmHg
Digital pressure gauge (0~200) mmHg
Illumination light in the air bath Energy saving lamp
Dimension 580*230*605mm