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GC-MS 3200 Gas Chromatograph - Mass Spectrometer (Quadrupole)

GC-MS 3200 Gas Chromatograph - Mass Spectrometer (Quadrupole)

Update Terakhir 30 / 11 / 2022
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Detail GC-MS 3200 Gas Chromatograph - Mass Spectrometer (Quadrupole)

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product details
China’s first commercialized second-generation GC-MS product
● Features include an improved filament control module that intelligently adjusts the electron emission current and electron energy, and a unique DC equalization technique that further improves the signal to noise ratio.
● An industry-first high-speed DC compensation technology optimizes the relative ion transmission rate, effectively improving resolution.
● The adjustable positive chemical ionization (PCI) feature improves the overall performance of the system while simultaneously expanding the instrument's applications.
● High-speed scan and sampling circuit allows for a sufficiently large amount of data points.
● Our new GC with improved GC temperature control accuracy and our latest electronic pressure and flow control module has vastly improved the system's repeatability.
● The GC-MS 3200 is more reliable, and easier to operate, install and maintain.
● Features a new industrial design that elegantly combines both form and function.

GC-MS 3200 Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer Technical Parameter

1.1 Patent 3rd generation EPC control gas route unit, optional constant pressure mode and constant current mode, split valve program intelligent control, maximize the reduction of sample diffusion and loss; optional split / splitless injection method for each Application environment.
1.2 Simple and practical direct inlet system (optional), can quickly get unknown structure information; can equipped with autosampler(optional).
1.3 combination scan mode, on-demand settings; instrument state full control; analysis method can be easily downloaded and uploaded; instrument parameter status can be real-time displayed.

2. Technical Parameters
2.1 MS system
2.1.1 mass range: 1.5 ~ 1024 amu
2.1.2 mass resolution: unit quality resolution
2.1.3 Sensitivity: EI source 1pg octafluoronaphthalene S / N> 100: 1 (full scan); PCI source 100pg benzophenone (BZP) S / N≥100: 1 (methane gas)
2.1.4 scanning speed: adjustable, up to 10000u / s (digital scan, step 0.1u)
2.1.5 Accuracy: ±0.2u
2.1.6 stability: ±0.10u / 48h
2.1.7 ion source: EI source, inert anti-pollution, ion source multi-point heating system to ensure that the ion source work with a very small temperature gradient, ensure the analysis of the state more stable, meantime reducing the blind spot caused by the pollution of the pollutant orientation sticky effect; Unique alloy material filament has a very long life, two filaments; independent heating system, precise temperature control 150 ~ 320 ℃, according to customer needs can provide chemical ionization source and related interface.

2.1.8 Electronic energy: 5-150eV program adjustable
2.1.9 Emission current: 10-350μA program adjustable
2.1.10 Quadrupole: metal molybdenum quadrupole mass analyzer (Patent No. 200710121744.9 and 200620134010.5)
2.1.11 Detector: electron multiplier, with -10000V high energy pole
2.1.12 GC / MS interface: direct connection capillary column, independent temperature control, 100 ~ 350 ℃ adjustable
2.1.13 Preamplifier with automatic gain function

2.1.14 High stability high frequency RF module

2.1.15 can be equipped with a direct injection probe for rapid qualitative analysis of solid or liquid samples

2.1.16 Instrument Auto / Manual Tuning

2.1.17 pre-pump with 180L / min mechanical pump, high vacuum pump with imported 250L / s turbo molecular pump
2.1.18 vacuum gauge for the cold cathode ionization vacuum gauge, the detection range of 1.0 ×10 -5 -1 ×102 Pa

2.1.19 Two modes: full scan (SCAN) and selective ion scan (SIM)

2.1.20 SIM up to 128 groups
2.1.21 full scan mode (SCAN) up to a maximum of 200min
2.1.22 reasonable structure design, not only save your space, but also facilitate the internal maintenance of maintainence work.
2.1.23 different specifications of the vacuum pump system, we can according to your actual analysis needs, configure the economic and reasonable combination of vacuum pump.
2.1.24 Ideal analytical sensitivity to meet most trace detection Optimized analyzer design, with minimal changes, you can easily upgrade to a chemical ion source without having to replace too many parts, the standard quadrupole analysis The instrument ensures the acquisition of an accurate spectrum.
2.1.25 patented design of a quartz quadrupole device, assembly method and its assembly feeler.
2.1.26 vacuum leak check function
2.1.27 safety chain function: pump power, shaft temperature, ion source temperature, transmission line temperature, column temperature, high voltage output module, filament and detector protection.
2.2 GS system
2.2.1 Chromatography with Electronic Flow Control Unit (EPC)
2.2.2 oven temperature range :room temperature +5 ℃ ~ 400 ℃

2.2.3 oven temperature program: 14 ramp programming heating

2.2.4 inlet temperature control :50 ℃ ~ 400 ℃
2.2.5 split / splitless inlet, fully automatic gas route system
2.2.6 GC / MS capillary connection device
2.2.7 large screen LCD display
2.2.8 atomatic backdoor open & close system, over-temperature protection device, carrier gas pressure protection
2.2.9. Temperature stability: ± 0.03 ℃

2.2.10 Maximum operating time: 999.99min

2.2.11. Can equipped with other detectors (eg FID, ECD, TCD, FPD, NPD)

2.2.12. GS & MS system are all from EWAI

2.3 Workstation
2.3.1 Compatible with Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows7 system platform.
2.3.2 Can be automatically / manually tuned.
2.3.3 equipment fault remote diagnosis, vacuum fault instantaneous protection and electrical overload protection.
2.3.4 powerful processing capacity, complete the spectrum of qualitative and integral in a few seconds, and output a complete qualitative information report.
2.3. 5 Compatible with NIST, Wiley and other internationally recognized standard library.
2.3.6 Convenient Snap one-button function, so that the data processing part and real-time acquisition of some data conversion more convenient.
2.3.7 diverse quantitative methods, including external standard method, internal standard method, the normal method, etc., TIC, MC, MIC arbitrarily set to meet the different target spectrum quantification.
2.3.8 kinds of search procedures for different analytical work content.
2.3.9 MS3200RT color real-time analysis of the workstation and MS3200 mass spectrometer data processing system.
2.3.10 Built-in oil analysis software kit.