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Gas Chromatography NGC-100 merk Labnics

Gas Chromatography NGC-100 merk Labnics

Update Terakhir 07 / 10 / 2021
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Gas Chromatography NGC-100

Gas Chromatography NGC-100 is an advanced high throughput chromatography instrument. It is featured with a column oven with high temperature range from ambient to 450�C for separation of volatile and thermally stable compounds from sample analyte. It is a dual microprocessor-controlled system that automatically recognizes and fixes the temperature prone error. The associated flame ionization detector measures ions in per unit time that enhances the data acquisition of the instrument.


GC Unit Maximum Capacity:- 23. 52 L
Temperature control index Oven at room temperature to 450 ℃
Accuracy ±0.01
Temperature control precision 6 ways temperature control
Column temperature box dimensions(L×W×H) 280×300×280 mm
Temperature program order 9 stages(can be extended to 21)
Process heating rate 1 ℃ to 50 ℃
Temperature range Room temperature to 450℃
Temperature accuracy ±0.01℃
Program total time 1℃-50℃/min
Maximum temperature heating rate 50℃/min
Constant temperature holding time of each stage 0-300min (1min increment)
Maximum cooling rate 30mins
Sample Injector Type Filling column system
Injector Temperature range Room temperature to 450℃
Injector Temperature control ±0.01℃
Maximum sample inlet <1ml
Pre column pressure range 0.1-0.3MPA
Pre column pressure accuracy <0.01 MPA
Working pressure display accuracy < 0.01 MPA
Capillary shunt/unshunt injection back pressure valve control technology, linear
Gas injection through valve Automatic 24 hours continuous injection
FID Detector Detection limit ≤3×10-12g/s
FID Drift ≤0.1mV
FID Noise ≤0.01mV
General Rated Power ≥2KW
Power Supply AC220V 10% 50HZ 10A 1800W
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) 500 × 600 × 500 mm
Net Weight 55kg
Software details 2000 work station software and Analyzer software