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  • Fully Automatic Open Cup Flash Point Tester (Cleveland Open Cup Method
Fully Automatic Open Cup Flash Point Tester (Cleveland Open Cup Method

Fully Automatic Open Cup Flash Point Tester (Cleveland Open Cup Method

Update Terakhir 18 / 12 / 2022
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Detail Fully Automatic Open Cup Flash Point Tester (Cleveland Open Cup Method

Testing Instrument


TR-OC21001B Fully automatic open cup flash point tester Cleveland open cup method, conforms to ASTMD92, is applicable to all petroleum products with flash points above 79°C (175°F) and below 400°C (752°F) except fuel oils.


1.Highly automatic design, the instrument automatically competes control,sweeping ignition, flash examination, alarming, result calculation and etc. it can complete all the experiment procedures with unwatched tester. consists of lifting device, electrical heater, standard oil cup, ignition device, flame application device, gas circuit and etc.

2.The instrument configures right and left two sides ignition plug, which ensures no flame would extinguish during the applicator sweeping detection progress, save energy safely.

3.The instrument configures high precision needle-type valve to control gas resource, can precisely ensure testing-required flame’s diameter, also equips with standard flame, can compare with the testing flame at any time.

4.The instrument equips with Rapid detection flash point test mode, only press one button, user can enter into unknown flash point rapid test.

5.The instrument’s automatic Audible and visual alarm system will prompt user as soon as finishes the experiment, also the instrument equips with double fan drives cooling device, can shorten experimental period.

6.In order to inquiring the record easily. The instrument equips thermal printer ,which can store large capacity measuring results.

7.The instrument got decent and reasonable structure, easy to operate, and friendly to environment.

8.All the gas source pipes are made of stainless steel, which made it safe and reliable.


Main technical parameter:

1. Rated voltage: AC220V±10%, 50HZ

2. Power: 700W

3. Operating model: LCD touched screen

4. Ignition way: Automatic digital ignition

5. Ignition gas supply: Pipelined gas and LPG (pressure≤10Kpa)

6. Printer: Thermo sensitive printer

7. Cooling way: Compelling cooling by double fan

8. Testing method: High precision flame ionization test

9. Ambient requirement: Temperature 15~30°C, Humidity: ≤85%