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Forced Air Oven Brand Being

Forced Air Oven Brand Being

Update Terakhir 19 / 06 / 2023
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Detail Forced Air Oven Brand Being

Oven Laboratorium

The forced air oven provides a stable high temperature environment through precise temperature control, which enables drying and disinfection of glassware, solid objects, solid materials, process equipment, etc.
Product Details
BEING is a high-end brand of Yiheng Instruments, specializing in the provision of laboratory routine equipment, providing forced air oven, high- performance drying ovens, vacuum drying ovens, CO2 incubators, cooling incubators, heating incubator, Special equipment such as constant temperature and humidity chamber, stability test chamber, shaker. Committed to providing users with intelligent, professional and humanized laboratory equipment to meet the needs of modern laboratories requirements.


● It provides two options: colorful touch screen controller and LCD controller. It is easy to operate. (Professional type LCD controller).

● With preset power on, standby and shutdown functions.

● Parameters such as multi-stage temperature, circulating wind speed, time and heating rate can be set and programmed at the same time, simplifying the complicated test process and realizing automatic control and operation.

● Tested and manufactured using the international DlN-12880- 2007 standard.

● Provide professional temperature control, high temperature control accuracy and small temperature uniformity error.

● Adopt Environmental Design to effectively prevent heat loss, and the heating power is reduced by 20% compared with the traditional design.

● Stackable to save lab space.
Humanized design

● With reservation and timing functions, there is no need to wait, which effectively improves the efficiency of the experiment.

● Available in Chinese and English menus to meet different language needs, with °C / °F conversion.

● The height of the shelf is adjustable to meet different cultivation needs.

● Professional stacking foot design, the machine can be stacked, saving lab space and improving the use efficiency (same specification).


● Protection on instruments: Comply international standard secondary temp limiting alarm system, When the heating is out of control or exceeds the maximum limit temperature, the heating is automatically cut off with sound and light alarm, ensure operating is safe without any accident.

● Protection on key components: Key components are equipped with over-current, over-temperature, overload and other safety protection to prevent accident.

● Protection on samples: When the temperature inside the box is higher or lower than the set temperature, the alarm will start to cut off the heater, with sound and light alarm to remind the operator to protect the sample from normal test without accident.

● Protection on operato: The cabinet and door are specially insulated to make the surface temperature of the cabinet low, ensuring the operator's safety and no accidents.

● Breakdown message provided: When the instrument breakdown, the message will shown on the screen to help operator clearly check.

Convenient data processing

● The touch screen type standard with a USB interface, which can record the change status of the temperature parameters.

● The LCD screen is option for USB interface.

● It can be equipped with RS232 data interface, which can realize remote control of the machine through software (option);

● RS-232 and USB can be selected one of them.