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Flow Cytometer NFC-100 Brand Labnics

Flow Cytometer NFC-100 Brand Labnics

Update Terakhir 07 / 10 / 2021
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Detail Flow Cytometer NFC-100 Brand Labnics

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Flow Cytometer NFC-100

Flow Cytometer NFC-100 is a rapid quantitative analytical instrument for enhanced analysis of multiple cell parameters and high throughput sorting of individual cell from a cell population with a high speed linear flow. It is equipped with an avalanche photodiode detector (APD) that converts light-cell interactions into electrical output signal which is then displayed on the monitor in statistical form.


Optical Alignment Fixed, no operator alignment required
Flow pool dimensions 420×170µm
Flow cell material Quartz
Flow cell efficiency 1.2 NA
Scatter Resolution 0.2 µm
Cell size 0.5-60 µm
Detectable granularity range 0.2-60 µm
Fluorescence Resolution ≤2% CV(fluorescent beads),≤3% CV for CEN
Wavelengths Double laser with 488nm and 638 nm
Standard Filter Configuration Laser (488 nm/638 nm) 6 color analysis
Laser 530 nm BP FITC, 585 nm BP PE,700nmBP Per CP -Cy5.5/PE-Cy5,785nmBP PE-Cy7, 638 lasers: 660 nm BP APC, 785 nm BP APC-Cy7
Heat engine time <4 minutes
Sample Acquisition Rate 45,000 events/second
Sample Flow Rate 15~ 235μL/Min
Sheath Flow Rate 500mL/h
Sample Aspiration Volume 20µL-5mL
Forward sensitivity 0.5 µm
Lateral sensitivity 0.2 µm
Fluid Container Capacity 6 L sheath, 6 L waste, 250 ml cleaning
Carryover ≤0.1%
Dynamic Range >6 logs ,18 bit; 5.4 decades logarithmic scale
Workstation 23” monitor
Computer Operating System Windows 10
Software CytoSYS 1.0
Sample loading capacity 2 × 75 mm tube, 1.5 mL eppendorf tubes
Power Requirements 98-264VAC,50Hz±1Hz
Rated Power (W) 100 W
Environmental conditions Temperature:15-32°C; Relative Humidity: 80%
Overall dimensions (W×D×H) 440×440×520 mm
Net Weight 32Kg