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  • ECO420 - Compact CO₂ monitor with alarm Brand Senseca delta ohm
ECO420 - Compact CO₂ monitor with alarm Brand Senseca delta ohm

ECO420 - Compact CO₂ monitor with alarm Brand Senseca delta ohm

Update Terakhir 14 / 03 / 2024
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Detail ECO420 - Compact CO₂ Monitor With Alarm Brand Senseca Delta Ohm

Detektor Gas

ECO LineGas analysis: O2 / CO / CO2

Portfolio ECO Line
Gas analysis: O2 / CO / CO2
CO2 gaseous

ECO420 - Compact CO₂ monitor with alarm (formerly G 1910)
Compact CO2 monitor with alarm for many applications in air quality monitoring, green houses, energy management and for research and education.
The CO2 is measured with a high-class non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor via opening at instruments head.
Simultaneous display of time weighted average exposure over 8 hours (TWA) or 15 minutes (STEL).
CO2 – Dangerous at concentration > 3%
The G 1910 is an ideal measuring warning instrument for moderate but non-dangerous levels – it is no replacement for personal safety equipment to be used in areas with potentially dangerous atmosphere.
Never enter potentially dangerous areas where CO2 may exceed 3% or 30000 ppm CO2 without additional personal safety equipment!

Monitoring of CO2 for professions that are subject to increased exposure: CO2 dosimeter over 8 hours average TWA. Very mobile due to belt clip and carrying strap and 24h battery life!
Air hygiene monitoring with two adjustable alarm thresholds, the first one can be used as ventilation alarm - in case of alarm the device beeps and flashes. For a forced ventilation the beeping can be suppressed for 5 minutes by pressing a button. Continuous operation with USB cable possible.
Traceable reference instrument for testing the usability and function of simpler CO2 monitors

Measurement rate:
2 meas/s
Power supply:
2 x AA-rechargeable NiMH batteries
(scope of delivery),
Consumption ~ 50 mA,
Operation time > 24 hours for NiMH batteries (without backlight).
Recharging time ~ 8 hours
150 g inc. battery
Housing material:
Break-proof ABS-housing
Operating conditions:
0..50 °C; 0..85 % r.H
Storage temperature:
-20..70 °C
Protection type:
3-line with battery status indicator,
Backlight, protected by shatterproof screen
108 x 54 x 28 mm
Sensor life:
> 15 years
Additional functions:
Min/max/hold, TWA or STEL-calculation
(average over 24 hours or 15 mins),
2-level alarm (optical and acoustical)
Charging port:
Micro USB socket, incl. connection cable to USB 2.0 type A, for use with common USB chargers