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  • Dual Channel Ambient Dust Sampler
Dual Channel Ambient Dust Sampler

Dual Channel Ambient Dust Sampler

Update Terakhir 06 / 03 / 2022
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Detail Dual Channel Ambient Dust Sampler

Dust Monitor
Model No : IPM-FDS 2510

When it comes to innovation in Ambient Air Sampling technology, Instrumex has delivered yet again! The most common hassle faced by Consultants in order to comply with the CPCB norms for Ambient Air Sampling - was using two separate instruments for measurement of PM2.5 & PM10 Dust. Instrumex has found the solution to this problem - The Dual Channel Sampler for measurement of PM2.5 & PM10 dust concentrations in ambient air – Simultaneously!

The flow control module uses the proven technology used in Instrumex's IPM-FDS 2.5/10µ Fine dust Sampler that has enjoyed over 400 installations across India and abroad. The two channels in IPM-FDS-2510 are individually controlled by separate flow control element but integrated into a single controller module. Thereby giving precise microprocessor based flow control for two channels. Both the channels individually comply with Federal Reference Method of USEPA as described in 40 CFR Part-50 Appendix L for determination of Particulate Matter. It also confirms with the CPCB guidelines for Measurement of Ambient Air Pollutants.

> Dual channel enables measurement of PM-10 & PM10 Simultaneously
> PM-10 Confirms to 40 CFR, Part 50 Appendix J of USEPA
> PM-2.5 Confirms to 40 CFR, Part 50 Appendix L of USEPA
> Microprocessor based Precision flow control for each channel
> Data Logging of all parameters for each channel
> Data Retrieval by USB and RS-232 ports
> Extremely portable with Foldable tripod stands and carry case

PM 2.5 Size Separator
Separate set of inlet assembly with EPA PM 2.5 WINS Impactor
PM 10 Size Separator
EPA Omni-directional ambient particle inlet with 10µ separation assembly & sample transport tube.
Flow Rate Meter & Volume Totaliser (USEPA Procedure Followed)
Flow in LPM on Digital Display for both the channels with a Resolution of 0.01 LPM under actual operating conditions. Flow rate maintained Constant @ 16.67 LPM with ±2% Accuracy Throughout Sampling Period using Microprocessor Based Digital Flow Controller.
Clock / Timer System
Programmable Real Time control system with automatic start & stop & digital display of date & time & time of sampling. Accuracy ± 2 min / month.
Temperature Sensors
For Ambient temperature & Two Filter temperatures for PM2.5 and PM10 each. Range - 5°C to 50°C with a Resolution of 0.10C.
Bar Press Sensor
Range 600 to 800 mm Hg. Resolution, 1 mm Hg
Leak Test
Internal & External Leak check feature for accurate sampling.

Microprocessor Based Digital Flow Controller
Sample Flow Rate
Flow in LPM on digital display for both the channels with a Resolution of 0.01 LPM under actual operating conditions. Flow rate maintained at 16.67LPM (1m3/hr) ±5%, Accuracy ± 2% of reading throughout the sampling period. Calibrated from FCRI, Palakkad.
Volume Totaliser
Volume Totalized from flow rate & available on display with a resolution of 0.01m3
Interval Data
5 Minute averages of Ambient Temperature, Filter Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Real time Flow and Volumetric Flow Rate.
User Interface
A Simple menu driven interface & soft function keys for easy operation even by unskilled personnel.
Flow Rate Computation
Flow is recorded as Average flow rate, Total Volume Sampled and Percentage Coefficient of Variation.
Switchable Display to select parameter for Channel – 1 or Channel – 2 20x4 LCD display showing parameters in real time.Flow Rate (16.67) LPM
Volumetric Flow
Barometric Pressure
Ambient Temperature
Filter Temperature
Warning Flag Indicator
Warning Flag Indicators for certain conditions going out of specification
Data Transfer Option
Convenient in-field data transfer on a USB drive by an optional USB Interface. Enables user to generate reports even while sampling at remote locations. Default option is RS-232 serial port.