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  • DO700 Portable suspended matter analyzer
DO700 Portable suspended matter analyzer

DO700 Portable suspended matter analyzer

Update Terakhir 22 / 01 / 2022
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Detail DO700 Portable Suspended Matter Analyzer

Alat Laboratorium Air
DO700 portable trace dissolved oxygen analyzer is a high-performance portable measuring instrument, used to measure the concentration of oxygen content in aqueous solution, especially for the detection of low concentration dissolved oxygen in ultra-pure water.It can be widely used in many industries such as electric power, petrochemical, steel and so on.

The product is mainly composed of host (liquid crystal display, circuit board, etc.), sensor (polarographic electrode), circulation pool and cable. When in use, the sample water is introduced into the measuring device through the sample feeding tube (lower port).

The secondary instrument adopts full metal shell, which is strong, waterproof and anticorrosive. More importantly, it has good shielding effect and strong anti-interference ability.The polarographic oxygen sensor which can be used to detect low concentration dissolved oxygen in ultrapure water is adopted to ensure the accuracy of the instrument.Delicate design and simple flow path make the maintenance of the instrument very small, and ensure the stability of the measurement signal, and strong, reliable.


l The polarographic microvolume dissolved oxygen detection electrode is suitable for the detection of low concentration oxygen content with the measurement accuracy of microgram.

l The instrument adopts integrated structure design, small size, light weight, easy to carry and put.

l The measuring part adopts the whole waterproof structure design, the overall waterproof effect reaches IP65, a variety of installation and placement, making the measurement more convenient.

l High brightness OLED lattice LCD display, can read data clearly in a certain distance.

l Automatic USB interface, not only can be charged, but also can be connected to the bit machine for reading data.

Environmental requirements:

Ambient temperature :(5 ~ 40)℃

Relative humidity: ≤93% (no condensation)

There should be no corrosive gas around the instrument, no other electromagnetic field except the earth magnetic field that can cause the performance of the instrument to be tested to change the presence of electromagnetic field, avoid direct light, no strong vibration.

The power supply requirements:

External charging stand: voltage: AC(110 ~ 240)V, frequency: 50/60hz,

Built-in battery: dc3.7v lithium battery

The sample requirements:

Water sample temperature :(5 ~ 50)℃

Water sample flow rate :(100 ~ 350)mL/min

Water sample pressure :(0.01 ~ 0.02)MPa

The water sample is free from oil stains and excessive suspended substances

Technical indicators:

1. Display: Chinese/English display, 128×64 OLED lattice LCD

2. Range :(0 ~ 20) g/L, (0 ~ 200) g/L, (0 ~ 20) mg/L(automatic shift)

3. Discrimination rate: 0.1 g/L;0.01 mg/L;
Maximum display error of instrument: 1.5%FS and 1ug/L (the larger);

5. Reading response time: 90% of the change within 60 seconds at 25℃

6. Temperature compensation range :(0 ~ 50) ℃ (manual or automatic)

7. Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.5℃

8. Resolution of temperature measurement: 0.1℃ response time: ≤60s

9. Salinity compensation error: ± 2%

10. Sample conditions: temperature range: 5 ~ 50℃

11. Flow range: 100 ~ 350ml/min

12. Water sample allowed solid ingredients: ≤5 microns (no colloidal material, no grease)

13. Ambient temperature: 5 ~ 45℃

14. Ambient humidity: ≤90%RH (no condensation)

15. Charging power supply: external charging base, voltage: AC(198 ~ 242)V, frequency: (49 ~ 51)Hz

16. Working power supply: dc3.7v rechargeable lithium ion battery (built-in)

17. Usage time: the working time of a single charge shall be no less than 30h

18. Storage and transportation temperature :(-20 ~ 55) ℃ (excluding electrodes, the electrodes should be higher than 0℃)

19. Overall dimensions: 260mm×130mm×140mm (width × height × length)

20. Weight: 2.5 kg