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DO-3B Precision Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer brand Nanbei

DO-3B Precision Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer brand Nanbei

Update Terakhir 30 / 11 / 2022
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Detail DO-3B Precision Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer Brand Nanbei

Dissolved Oxygen Meter

product details

DO-3B-Type Precision Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer with high reliability, simple operation, widely used in various industries for Oxygen concentration (mg/L or ppm) or percent saturation and the measured medium temperature. The instrument is equipped with an imported Oxygen electrode and adopts the polarography method without changing Oxygen membrane.

Technical Parameters:

1. Measure Range:

Dissolved Oxygen (DO): 0.0~20.0mg/; 0 ~200%

Temperature (T): 0~100℃

2. Accuracy:

DO: ±0.2mg/L (measured system temperature is the same to calibration system)

±0.5mg/L (Measured system and calibration system ± 10 ℃)

T: ±1℃

3. Temperature Automatic Compensation Range: 0~40℃

4. Calibration Points: 1or 2 Points

5. Salinity Compensation Set: 0~35g/L

1. The Atmospheric Pressure Set: 0.5~1.5

2. Power Supply:AC 220V±22V,50Hz

3. Demension: 75mm×140mm×38mm

4. Weight: < 220g


1. Micro-processing technology, easy to operate.

2. One or two point automatic calibration.

3. Auto/manual temperature compensation and measurement.

4. Salinity coefficient and atmospheric pressure can be set.

5. Long electrodes life.

6. The data locks out function.

7. Can stored 99 sets data with time stamp.

8. Data protection when power failure.