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  • Delta Ohm HD 31 Multifaction Datalogging
Delta Ohm HD 31 Multifaction Datalogging

Delta Ohm HD 31 Multifaction Datalogging

Update Terakhir 01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Delta Ohm HD 31 Multifaction Datalogging


HD31 is a handheld portable multifunction meter and data logger, with a large (43 x
58 mm) graphic color LCD display.

It is equipped with three independent inputs. Each input can be connected to SICRAM
probes (intelligent and interchangeable probes with calibration data stored inside the
module), both single and combined, for the measurement of a plurality of physical

• Temperature
• Relative humidity
• Atmospheric and differential pressure
• Air speed
• Illuminance (lux) and Irradiance
• Carbon dioxide (CO2) Air Quality
• Direct voltage (VP473 module) and current (IP472 module)
  cal factory
• Three independent input channels
• Automatic recognition of the probes
• Colour graphic display
• Graph display of the measures
• Configurable measuring unit
• Data logging function with programming of auto start and auto stop
• Data storing on SD card for long logging duration
• Automatic creation of pdf reports
• Functions: HOLD, REL (relative measure) and DIFF (difference)
• Detection of minimum, average and maximum value
• Password protected configuration
• USB connection to PC
• Serial output for printer
• Rechargeable Battery
• Auto power off (configurable and excludable)

Technical characteristics

Power supply 
Rechargeable  internal 3.7 V Lithium battery,
capacity 2250 mA/h, JST 3-pole connector.
Optional external 5 Vdc/1A power supply
(SWD05) to be connected at the mini-USB
connector of the instrument.
Powered by the PC USB port (at least 500 mA)
when connected to the PC.

Storage capacity
SD memory card with capacity up to 4 GB.
The logging duration depends on the number
of logged quantities and on the capacity of the
SD card employed. For example: with a 4GB
SD card the duration of the logging is in the
order of months, even when many quantities
are recorded with the minimum logging interval
equal to 1 s.


3  8-pole DIN45326 connector inputs.
Depending on the type of connected probes,
the instrument manages up to 36 quantities

Accuracy @ 20°C
± 0.02 % of the measure (the instrument
only, excluded the accuracy of the probes

Temperature drift @ 20°C
20 ppm/°C (the instrument only, excluded
the drift of the probes connected)