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dBAir Safety & Environment Sound Level Meter 01GA141SE

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16 / 11 / 2021
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1 Unit


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Detail DBAir Safety & Environment Sound Level Meter 01GA141SE

Sound Level Meter
Castle Group
Environmental Noise, Long Term Noise Monitoring, Noise at Work
Class 1
A, C, Z
Measurement Parameters
Leq, Lmin, Lmax, Peak, (Percentiles) Ln's, Dose, HSE Exposure Points, Lep’d (LEX), Le (SEL), Lday, Lnight, Lden, LAF, Hearing Protector Calculator
1/1 Octave Bands, 1/3 Octave Bands, Audio Events Recording, Hearing Protection Database, WiFi Data Transfer, Dose, Data Logging, Statistics
Available Outside the UK?
dBAir Safety & Environment Sound Level Meter

dBAir Safety & Environment
For not only compliant measurements to IEC 61671-1:2002 for accurate Noise at Work Assessments, but also a whole host of Environmental Assessments, the dBAir Safety & Environment is the latest multi-application Sound Meter from Castle. This is the only instrument you’ll ever need, making it the extremely popular choice with Safety Professionals and Environmental Health Officers alike.

Exposure Assessments
Factory Noise Mapping
SNR and HML Hearing Protection Assessment
Litigation Defence
Hand-held environmental measurements
Boundary noise checking
BS4142 checks
Construction noise
Compliance testing

dBAir Safety & Environment Octave (1/1, 1/3)
This is the top of the range Castle dBAir Sound Meter. Designed, manufactured and supported by Castle Group Ltd, this Safety & Environment Octave Band Analysis dBAir Sound meter is the ultimate sound meter for all your required noise assessments. Coming as standard with both 1/1 and 1/3 Octaves, this dBAir Safety & Environment Octave is equally equipped to carry out Octave Band Hearing Protection Assessments, as well as 1/3 Octave Tonal Noise Assessments. For Safety Professionals, Environmental Health Officers and everything inbetween, the dBAir Safety & Environment Octave is the premium Sound Meter at an inexpensive price.

Tonal Noise Assessment to 1/3 Octave
BS4142 assessments
Construction noise
Compliance testing
Boundary noise monitoring
Hand-held environmental measurements
Exposure Assessments
Factory Noise Mapping
Octave Band Hearing Protection Assessment
Litigation Defence
Noise Control Effectiveness

The Castle Cloud
The Castle dBAir uses the revolutionary new Castle Cloud Software. Hosted online, all you need to access it's entire software capabilities is an internet browser.

Data Wirelessly Uploads from the dBAir to the Castle Cloud
Data can still be downloaded using a cable if required
Secure Data Storage and Automatic Back-ups
Simple and slick interface allowing even first time users to capitalise on The Castle Cloud's vast features
Automatic updates mean no downloads ever required.
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