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Benchtop Cytocentrifuge NBCC-100 Brand Labnics

Benchtop Cytocentrifuge NBCC-100 Brand Labnics

Update Terakhir 15 / 10 / 2021
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Detail Benchtop Cytocentrifuge NBCC-100 Brand Labnics


Benchtop Cytocentrifuge NBCC-100

Benchtop Cytocentrifuge NBCC-100 is a benchtop centrifuge designed for the separation of cells present in body fluids, including urine, sputum, ascites and cerebrospinal fluid. Run by DC motor and microprocessor-controlled mechanism, it deposits cells onto a clearly-defined area of a glass slide and allows or the absorption of the residual fluid into the sample chamber�s filter. It is an indispensable diagnostic tool for any diagnosis or research laboratory.


Sample capacity 12 × 0.5 ml
Maximum speed 3000 rpm
Speed accuracy ± 10 rpm
Maximum RCF 2300xg
Timer range 0 – 99 min
Noise level ≤ 50dB
Power 125 W
Power supply AC 220/110V; 50/60Hz
Dimension (L × W × H) 275 × 390 × 300 mm
Weight 20 kg


  • Stainless steel chamber with compact structure
  • Safety interlock system with easy disinfection
  • Easy operation with one-handed opening and closing lid mechanism
  • Emergency lid lock to prevent accidental fluid spillage
  • Acoustic and visual alarm warning the user the device situation


Widely employed in cytology, microbiology, haematology, research and other routine diagnosis laboratories related to body fluids.