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Automotive - Car Service

Automotive - Car Service

Update Terakhir 04 / 02 / 2022
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Sound Level Meter
Class 1 sound level meter for car inspections, homologated according to Italian Transportation Ministry.
The level of noise produced by vehicles shall comply with standards prescribed by international regulations. During car inspections, horns and exhaust devices
must be in good condition and comply with the requirements.

With Delta OHM Class 1 Sound Level Meter HD2010MCTC it is possible to carry out all noise measurements emissions as laid down in the operational procedures in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Transport, and of Navigation:

Circular 88/95 for light-duty vehicles
Circular 7938/604 for motorcycles
Protocol Circular RU no. 79298 of 11/08/2009 and subsequent amendments and additions