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Automatic Real-time Quantitative PCR Brand Laboao

Automatic Real-time Quantitative PCR Brand Laboao

Update Terakhir 27 / 10 / 2021
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Detail Automatic Real-time Quantitative PCR Brand Laboao

Alat Laboratorium Kesehatan
Gentier 96E is a real-time PCR detection system tailored to meet the experimental needs of high-end users.
This product has many advantages such as a scientific and efficient temperature control system and photoelectric system, powerful and easy-to-use software analysis functions, and humanized control methods. It can easily achieve downstream multiple gene detection, quantitative analysis, SNP analysis, melting curve analysis and other applications. At present, it is widely used in medical institutions at all levels, universities and research institutes, CDC, immigration inspection and quarantine bureau, public security criminal investigation material identification center, veterinary stations, food companies and dairy products industries.
1. Rapid temperature rise and fall, the maximum rise and fall rate can reach 6.1 ℃ / s;

2. Highlight maintenance-free LED light source for fast fluorescence scanning;

3. 10.4 inch full color touch screen, the device can run independently from the computer, store more than 1000 experimental data;

4. With auto-recovery experiment function when power off and call again,No need to wait for the PC and software to open.
Detection flux
Applicable supplies
0.2ml 96-well plate, 8 tubes, single tube (transparent, frosted, milky white are applicable)
Number of fluorescence channels
Applicable fluorescein
Channel 1: FAM, SYBR Green I, SYTO 9, EvaGreen, LC Green

Channel 2: HEX, VIC, TET, JOE

Channel 3: ROX, Texas Red

Channel 4: Cy5

Channel 5: Alexa Fluor 680

Channel 6: FRET
Applicable probe
Taqman probe, molecular beacon probe, scorpion probe, FRET probe, etc.
Reaction system
0 ~ 100μl
Linear range
1 ~ 1010 copies
Sample detection repeatability
Ct value CV≤0.5%
Sample linear
Control method
Stand-alone operation: Use the instrument's 10.4-inch touch screen and software system to create a new experiment and run it.

Network operation:

(1) Direct PC connection: After the instrument is connected to the PC via a point-to-point network, the application software on the computer is used to implement experiments, monitoring, data analysis and other operations;

(2) LAN access: By setting the network parameters of the instrument, the instrument can be connected to the local LAN, so that any computer in the local area network can perform operations such as instrument monitoring, data synchronization, and analysis.
Automatic sample bin
Sample compartment can be automatically popped / closed by touch screen control;

When the pop-up state is closed, you can touch the sample compartment to close automatically.
Power failure protection
With the function of automatically resuming the experiment when the power is cut off and then power on, there is no need to wait for the PC and software to open
Data transmission
Experimental data can be imported and exported via USB flash drive
Can store more than 1000 experiment data files
Optical system

Light source
Bright long-life maintenance-free LED light source
Photodiode (PD)
Detection location
Top excitation, top scan
Detection method
Six fluorescence channels are scanned from hole to hole simultaneously without fluorescence edge effect
Detection time
Complete detection of 96 wells in 6 fluorescence channels in 7 seconds
Excitation light wavelength
Channel 1: 465nm Channel 2: 527nm Channel 3: 580nm Channel 4: 632nm Channel 5: 680nm Channel 6: 465nm
Detection light wavelength
Channel 1: 510nm Channel 2: 563nm Channel 3: 616nm Channel 4: 664nm Channel 5: 730nm Channel 6: 616nm
Fluorescence linear
Dynamic range for fluorescence detection
Dynamic range of fluorescence detection can be adjusted according to reagents
Temperature Control System

Cover temperature
Room temperature ~ 110 ℃
Constant pressure hot cap
Compatible with consumables of different heights
Module temperature
Module temperature control principle
Peltier effect, semiconductor refrigeration technology
Maximum temperature rise / fall rate
Maximum heating rate ≥6.1 ℃ / s Maximum cooling rate ≥5.0 ℃ / s
Temperature uniformity
Temperature accuracy
Gradient temperature width
Gradient temperature number
12 columns
Special temperature setting function
Supports thermal gradient PCR experiments, Long PCR, Touch Down PCR
Software functions

Analysis function
Qualitative analysis, absolute quantitative analysis, relative quantitative analysis, endpoint fluorescence analysis, melting curve analysis, SNP analysis, etc.
Report customization
Pre-stored multiple industry experiment report models;

Board full open universal report function, users can customize report content and form;
Rights management function
The administrator account can limit the functions of “manually set thresholds”, “running settings”, “running experiments”, and “analysis data” of ordinary accounts to manage the use rights of instruments of ordinary accounts
Resource sharing function
After the instrument is connected to the PC, both parties can realize the synchronous sharing of experimental data through operations such as uploading and downloading.